Ep 25 #ChallengeYourFears

Link to episode: https://soundcloud.com/user-61240900/25-challengeyourfears Fears is one of our topics in this episode. But of course we are talking latest news from the Office365 world as usual 🙂 Together with some governance talk, whisky, vacation and more! We had this summer inspired floral branded cava while recording the podcast – yummie! The podcast we mentionContinue reading “Ep 25 #ChallengeYourFears”

Ep 24 A special episode on Content Types

This is an extra episode only on Content Types and Content Type Hub. We have talked about this earlier on ep 15 and 21, but here are the complete steps in one special episode. If you want to learn how to setup and create content types, attach document templates and display document-id and versions inContinue reading “Ep 24 A special episode on Content Types”

Ep 23 Kaizala!

In this episode we dive into one of the newest Office365 apps -Kaizala. As usual we also discuss latest news, our current projects and challenges that we deal with in our daily life as consultants. The Teams summit that we mention is found on events.collab365.community/events/team
ummit-2019/ Thank you for listening! Cheers from Lise & Christina

Ep 19 News, Counters & Swag

In this episode we discuss and use some of the latest news that has been released to Office365 recently. We also talk SharePoint swag, or rather, the lack of it! Don’t you agree? 😉 Contact us on witgirlspod@gmail.com or on Instagram where we are @witgirlspod or on Twitter @sharepointbabe and @bananisen. Thank you for listening! Cheers from Lise &Continue reading “Ep 19 News, Counters & Swag”